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The call for nominations for the 2015 Prix du Québec runs until 2nd april.

You have entered the site of the Prix du Québec, the most prestigious award attributed by the Government of Québec in all fields of culture and science.

The Prix du Québec have existed in their current form since 1977. Each year, the government attributes six such awards in the cultural field and five in the scientific field. The purpose of this tribute is to recognize the career of women and men who have demonstrated a passion for their calling. Individuals who have stood out by their creative or innovative spirit and whose work has contributed to the influence of Québec around the world and to the evolution of Québec society in their respective fields.

We invite you to take a few minutes to visit the various sections of this site.

Mot des ministres (Word from the ministers) : In this section you will find a joint word of welcome from the two departments responsible for the Prix du Québec.

Salle de presse (Pressroom) : This section is intended for media representatives in particular. It offers access to the latest press releases issued concerning the Prix du Québec. Various versions of the new logo are available in this section.

Cérémonie (Ceremony) : Are you curious about the Prix du Québec ceremony? Visit this section and you will find a picture taken during the most recent ceremony.

Histoire (History) : The Government of Québec has long sought to recognize the contribution made by women and men of distinctive talent who have marked their era and who have allowed society to make major progress. To learn more about the awards offered by the Government of Québec, visit this section. People who are in a rush can consult the historical summary, whereas those who are more curious can read the complete history that is more than 30 pages long.

Les 14 Prix du Québec (The 14 Prix du Québec) : Who are the persons who have given their name to the 14 Prix du Québec? To find out, consult this section.

Lauréates et lauréats (Award-winners) : Each year, 14 persons join the select group of Prix du Québec winners. Discover the most recent award-winners in this section.

Médailles (Medals) : This section enables you to learn more about the medal issued to each award-winner. The competition and the specifications for the creation of the medal also appear in this section in the course of the year.

Mise en candidature (Nomination) : Discover the procedures that should be followed when nominating someone for the Prix du Québec.

Recherche (Research) : Learn about the background of the winners of the Prix du Québec by consulting their biography. This is a section you won't want to miss.

It also contains a description of the medals, their creators and the year the medals were made.

You now know more about the contents of this site. We invite you to continue your visit in French and to submit your comments.

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